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June 2016

This one little twig...

... in the forest caught my attention when I was walking a little bit in the evening. I had a camera with me for the first time again that evening. A body with a lens but no tripod, because it still was too heavy. So I have played for a while with this twig until the sun was gone. Unfortunately, many images of this small series just not really sharp, because holding the camera without motion for a brief moment is still very difficult and tiring for me. Through a tip from a photo-colleague I went back again the next evening, this time with the camera on my light weight carbon monopod and came back with more sharp images. :) I didn't figured out it by myself! That's how it is, if you hardly more can take an image for so long, you forget even the most obvious. ;)

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, 70-200 mm + 1,4 extender, ISO 640, 1/500 s, f/5