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Calendar 2023: Wasserfälle - klein und groß

My new calendar 'Wasserfälle - klein und groß' (German version) is available through this link or at o.a. and!!

Tablecalendar: ISBN: 978-3-675-40294-2
Format Din A4: ISBN: 978-3-675-40291-1
Format Din A3: ISBN: 978-3-675-40292-8
Format Din A2: ISBN: 978-3-675-40293-5
Format DIN A2 Premium Wand: ISBN: 978-3-675-40295-9

Also some of my previously published calendars (version 2023), puzzles and canvas products are still available to buy here

There is no English version aviable.

2022 kalender

Presentation at 'Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival' in Finland

I had the honor of being invited to the speaker panel at this year's 'Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival' in Finland.

My presentation was a photographic journey through the years, how everything started and how I have to search again to be able to live my passion in a way in which I can remain true to myself, because chronic illness has confronted me with a big challenge in which nature photography gets me through: for me nature photography is much more than a passion, it’s a way to life.

It was a great experience to be there and let my images speak. Afterwards I had a very nice conversation with Hannu Hautala, a legend in wildlife photography. It was a pleasure to met him.

2022 Kuusamo-4