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Calendar 2024: Pferde vom Wind verweht

My new calendar 'Pferde - vom Wind verweht' (German version) can be purchased via this link or at and, among others!

Format Din A5 (tabel): ISBN: 9783383740312
Format Din A4: ISBN: 9783383740282
Format Din A3: ISBN: 9783383740299
Format Din A2: ISBN: 9783383740305
Format DIN A2 Premium Wall: ISBN: 9783383740329

Some previously released calendars, puzzles and canvas products are also available and can be purchased here

2024 kalender Pferde

Interview in PetaPixel

In april I got a mail by Jeremy Gray, staff writer from PetaPixel (a photography news site that covers photo and camera news, reviews, inspiration, and education).

He wrote: "I am just blown away by not just the extremely high quality of your work, but the diversity of subject while maintaining consistent aesthetics and style. I'd really like to interview you about your career, your work, and share a selection of your photos with the PetaPixel audience."

Click here to read the interview.