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Destination 52°26ʹ S, 59°05ʹ W on Lowland Photo Festival

Now recovering from a very beautiful and inspiring weekend on 'Lowland Photo Festival' in Antwerp. My thanks go to Aagje de Donker and Jan Loos for the organization and for their inviting me as speaker, but also to all those volunteers who did their best that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Also a big thanks to all who comes to see my presentation! The more than 600 seats were well filled. Along with all the positive responses afterwards this gives quite a nice feeling. :) I enjoyed the many beautiful presentations of the other speakers and the fine conversations with other photographers and friends and look back at a successful weekend with for me the reading of Jasper Doest as a very special and beautiful highlight.

2016 Lowlands

2016 lowland2